Themed Rooms For Kids From Team 7


It was DigsDigs (A nice blog on design – Check them out, if you haven’t already!) that brought our attention to this cool set of kids room designs from Team 7. An interesting aspect of Team 7’s designs is that they have successfully incorporated the ‘play’ factor into these rooms. The following sports themed room is styled to mimick a football pitch with the bed being the goal post. Young football fans would definitely love this theme!

Gallery for Themed Rooms For Kids From Team 7

kj_dia3Imaginative Kids Room Furniture 3 | Imaginative Kids Room Furniture 3.

kj_dia4Kids Entertainment Room | Kids Entertainment Room.

kj_dia1Art Of The Day Kids Room 1 | Art Of The Day Kids Room 1.

kj_dia2Creative Kids Room 2 | Creative Kids Room 2.

k_dia6Stimulating Kids Room Furniture 6 | Stimulating Kids Room Furniture 6.

k_dia5Awesome Kids Room Furniture 5 | Awesome Kids Room Furniture 5.

k_dia2Contemporary Kids Room 2 | Contemporary Kids Room 2.

k_dia1Kids Room Slide | Kids Room Slide.

k_dia4Exciting Kids Room Furniture 4 | Exciting Kids Room Furniture 4.

k_dia8-1Thrilling Kids Room Furniture 8 | Thrilling Kids Room Furniture 8.

k_dia7Sports Themed Kids Room | Sports Themed Kids Room.

k_dia9Thrilling Kids Room Furniture 9 | Thrilling Kids Room Furniture 9.

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