17 Light-Filled Modern Kitchens By Mal Corboy


Designer Mal Corboy has a talent for infusing kitchen spaces with the perfect balance of light and dark elements, warm and stark textures and  natural and ambient light. You’ll find in his 17 kitchens we feature here, there is not one dark nor neglected corner to be found. From a minimalist kitchen made more by a hint of LED lights to a brilliant pink number made even more vibrant with a light-infusing backsplash window, there are many ideas to be found and used in your home kitchen remodel or new build.

Gallery for 17 Light-Filled Modern Kitchens By Mal Corboy

black-and-white-modern-kitchenA large skylight and plentiful ambient lighting fill this small windowless kitchen with warm light and a welcoming atmosphere. | 22 |.

charming-eclectic-modern-kitchenThis eclectic modern kitchen is not lacking for charm nor a sunny disposition with a myriad of light sources from windows to fixtures. | 21 |.

green-and-white-modern-kitchenA touch of green, wood and faux bamboo gives this modern kitchen an organic feel. | 19 |.




light-and-dark-modern-kitchen-1This kitchen is not lacking for natural lighting as it seems to be streaming in from windows and doors on every side. | 17 |.


minimalist-modern-kitchenGreen LED lights add interest to a rather minimalist kitchen in wood and white. | 14 |.


silver-and-white-modern-kitchenWarm wood plank flooring and plentiful light provide the perfect canvas for colder metal elements found in this modern kitchen. | 11 |.

pink-modern-kitchenA window backsplash adds extra brightness to this dynamic pink modern kitchen. | 12 |.







light-infused-modern-kitchenTraditional elements of wood molding, paneled doors and ornate wood flooring mix beautifully with harsher black and white plus metal elements in this modern kitchen. | 4 |.



blue-highlighted-modern-kitchen-2-1The designer chose blue LED lighting to infuse this modern kitchen with almost underwater-like ambiance. | 1 |.

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