Classy Kitchens From Schiffini


Schiffini puts together a set of kitchens that are modern and trendy. The designs are tasteful and minimalistic but are not restricted to any one particular genre of design. While most kitchens maintain a neutral look, a few of them stand out for their bold colors and fancy use of textures. Take a look.

Gallery for Classy Kitchens From Schiffini

appealing-kitchenAppealing Kitchen | Appealing Kitchen.

classy-kitchenClassy Kitchen | Classy Kitchen.

cabinets-in-the-kitchenCabinets In The Kitchen | Cabinets In The Kitchen.

chimney-in-kitchenChimney In Kitchen | Chimney In Kitchen.

complete-kitchenComplete Kitchen | Complete Kitchen.

Modular-kitchenModular Kitchen | Modular Kitchen.

blue-in-kitchenBlue In Kitchen | Blue In Kitchen.

blue-and-white-kitchenBlue And White Kitchen | Blue And White Kitchen.

aluminium-pots-in-kitchenAluminium Pots In Kitchen | Aluminium Pots In Kitchen.

modern-kitchenModern Kitchen | Modern Kitchen.

marble-floor-in-kitchenMarble Floor In Kitchen | Marble Floor In Kitchen.

green-kitchenGreen Kitchen | Green Kitchen.

kitchen-with-french-windowKitchen With French Window | Kitchen With French Window.

kitchen-with-wooden-floorsKitchen With Wooden Floors | Kitchen With Wooden Floors.

compact-kitchenCompact Kitchen | Compact Kitchen.

small-yet-completeSmall Yet Complete | Small Yet Complete.

white-kitchen-1White Kitchen | White Kitchen.

picnic-kitchen-settingPicnic Kitchen Setting | Picnic Kitchen Setting.

silver-chimney-kitchen-1Silver Chimney Kitchen | Silver Chimney Kitchen.

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