Beachfront Property In Massachusetts Showcases A Stylish Renovation


This fabulous beachfront property was completely renovated by LDa Architecture & Interiors, located along Pleasant Beach in Cohasset, Massachusetts. Originally designed by architect Doug Dolezal, the exterior facade reflects a unique modern architectural style. The previous homeowners had not completely finished the home, so the new owners commissioned the architects to freshen up the interiors and renovate specific areas.

The goal was create a home that better meets the lifestyle needs of this young family. The decor scheme was aimed at creating modern interior living spaces. They were designed to be highly functional, durable and infused with warmth—while at the same time, in keeping with the existing architecture. The original home was spacious, however, it was not suitable for family living. It required a new floorplan layout, an interior addition, and outdoor enhancements.

According to the architects, the program requirements for this new family remodel included: “an outdoor shower, mudroom, laundry room, guest bedrooms and a better connection to the yard for the kids.” The architects designed an addition onto the second level of the home, which encompassed an additional bedroom, a back staircase and a bathroom. This space came from the two-car garage that was already existing on the site.

Interior finishes were upgraded throughout the interiors, including brand new doors, hardware, custom cabinetry, a fresh coat of paint and light fixtures. These improvements helped to set a more refined and sophisticated aesthetic, all the while looking well-balanced with the new furnishings and the owner’s vast art collection.

The rest of the construction team that worked on this project involved:

Builder: Curtin Construction Company
Landscape Architect: Gregory Lombardi Design

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What We Love: This fascinating beachfront property showcases plenty of stylish features for a family home. We love the new renovations and additions, with a dramatic steel and cable staircase stealing the show. The skylight and soaring ceilings in the great room helps to create a bright and airy space that is very inviting…. Readers, please share with us what your favorite features are in this renovation project.

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