Modern New England Dwelling Overlooking A Blueberry Farm


Flavin Architects in collaboration with Ben Wood Studio Shanghai were commissioned to design this modern home located in Lexington, Massachusetts. This spectacular two-story dwelling is nestled on a beautifully landscaped property surrounded by mature woods—not to mention it overlooks a blueberry farm.

Although the exterior facade showcases a contemporary exterior—clad in stucco and natural wood—it looks very much at home in its traditional New England landscape. The residence was also designed to incorporate several environmentally responsible features. This includes passive solar heating (this utilizes heat directly from the sun to dramatically reduce energy), as well as native plantings.

Above: From the outside, a beautiful structure presents itself—clad in stucco and natural wood, in both clear and stained finishes.

What We Love: This striking New England home showcases some beautiful design features, from lighting to its modern furnishings. White walls helps to not detract from the beauty of the colorful landscape that can be seen through expansive windows. Our favorite feature in this home is the dining room, with its soaring ceilings and attractive Moooi pendant lights… Readers, please share with us what your favorite design feature is and why in the comments below!

Note: Have a look below for the “Related” tags, showcasing fabulous home tours featured here on 1 Kindesign from the portfolio of Flavin Architects.

Above: The central showpiece of the home is this double volume dining room with a dual-sided fireplace. A striking light fixture illuminates the space and creates a remarkable ambiance in the evening. Double height panes of glass draws nature inside, helping merge the indoors with out.

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Photos: Flavin Architects

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