Absolutely Gorgeous Timber Frame Mountain Chalet In British Columbia


This stunning timber frame mountain chalet was designed by Manolakas Designs and built by Elk River Mountain Homes, located in East Kootenay, a regional district in British Columbia, Canada. Interior living spaces are a showcase of superb finishes and finer details, courtesy of Kevin Gray Interiors who has made this project come to life with the different layers of opportunity a timber frame design provides.

Encompassing 6,225 square feet of living space, this chalet is split over two levels. The main level has 3,600 square feet with a vaulted great room leading out to a covered deck and hot tub. The kitchen and dining area provides a beautiful setting when the weather doesn’t allow you to use the outdoor lounge and dedicated BBQ area. The main floor also has an office, sauna, bunk room, guest suite, and rec room.

The upper level encompasses 2,625 square feet, spread out over two separate wings with a timber frame bridge that spans the vaulted great room. The left-wing has three bedrooms and the right has the master bedroom and ensuite along with a yoga room, library and media room.

Canadian Timberframes also worked on this project, as they are a manufacturer of wall systems, roof enclosure systems, wood ceiling liners, and wall finishes, exterior siding and trim packages, stairs, and decking. They deliver anywhere worldwide!

What We Love: This exquisite timber frame mountain chalet offers warm and inviting living spaces for relaxation and comfort. Large windows capture incredible views of the breathtaking forests and rugged mountains that surround this home. We are especially loving the soaring ceilings of the great room and floor-to-ceiling fireplace, what a fantastic spot to lounge with family and friends!

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Tell Us: What are your overall thoughts on the design of this home? If this were your home, would you make any changes or is it perfect just the way it is? Please let us know in the Comments!

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Above: A view of the bar showing the on-tap handles, floating shelving, reclaimed wood walls, stone walls, and a copper ceiling.

Above: Card table with masonry fireplace and view to great room beyond.

Above: Vignette of the cooking area showing details of copper backsplash and stone masonry hood fan surround, with views to the landscape beyond

Above: A view across the bridge landing that connects the two upper floor wings of the home.

Above: A view of the library bookshelves on the galleried landing.

Above: The bonus room features a home theatre space and a raised daybed at the back of the room with a large sectional in front.

Above: The home theater features built-in cabinetry around the TV with a large sectional sofa seating area and a vaulted timber frame ceiling.

Above: The master bedroom boasts a fireplace for added warmth and ensuite bathroom beyond.

Above: In the master bedroom, a partition separates the sleeping area from the snack and beverage area.

Above: The master bathroom features a copper bathtub and a large walk-in frameless glass shower.

Above: Detail of the amazing pebble tile in the master ensuite raised floor area.

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Above: The children’s bedroom showcases custom bunk beds, swing chair, and timbered ceiling.

Above: This spectacular home office features a tin ceiling and landscape views.

Above: In the mudroom, personal storage lockers, library ladder, and chalkboard.

Above: The powder room vanity showcases a copper vessel sink.

Above: A towel pick up and drop area features built-in cabinetry and bench seat, with a secondary laundry in the background.

Above: Details of a custom shower in the pool bathroom.

Above: A custom sauna has built-in benches, indirect lighting, and pebble detailing.

Above: A detail view in the sauna showing how the automatic water spout relates to the pebble wall detail and heat source and shows the indirect lighting in relation to the seating.

Above: The main laundry room of this timber frame mountain chalet.

Photos: Klassen Photography

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Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-33-1-Kindesignrustic-mudroom-laundry-room | rustic-mudroom-laundry-room.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-30-1-Kindesignrustic-home-office | rustic-home-office.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-31-1-Kindesignrustic-mudroom-laundry-room | rustic-mudroom-laundry-room.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-27-1-Kindesignrustic-kids-bunk-bedroom | rustic-kids-bunk-bedroom.

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Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-26-1-Kindesignrustic-bathroom-floor-detail | rustic-bathroom-floor-detail.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-25-1-Kindesignrustic-bathroom | rustic-bathroom.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-22-1-Kindesignrustic-bedroom | rustic-bedroom.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-23-1-Kindesignrustic-bedroom | rustic-bedroom.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-24-1-Kindesignrustic-bedroom | rustic-bedroom.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-20-1-Kindesignrustic-family-room | rustic-family-room.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-21-1-Kindesignrustic-family-media-room | rustic-family-media-room.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-19-1-Kindesignrustic-staircase | rustic-staircase.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-17-1-Kindesignrustic-staircase-hall | rustic-staircase-hall.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-18-1-Kindesignrustic-hall | rustic-hall.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-15-1-Kindesignrustic-kids-bunk-bedroom | rustic-kids-bunk-bedroom.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-16-1-Kindesignrustic-bathroom | rustic-bathroom.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-12-1-Kindesignrustic-kitchen | rustic-kitchen.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-13-1-Kindesignrustic-kitchen | rustic-kitchen.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-14-1-Kindesignrustic-bedroom | rustic-bedroom.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-09-1-Kindesignrustic-kitchen | rustic-kitchen.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-10-1-Kindesignrustic-dining-room | rustic-dining-room.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-11-1-Kindesignrustic-kitchen | rustic-kitchen.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-08-1-Kindesignrustic-dining-room | rustic-dining-room.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-06-1-Kindesignrustic-home-bar | rustic-home-bar.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-07-1-Kindesignrustic-dining-room | rustic-dining-room.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-04-1-Kindesignrustic-timber-frame-chalet-living-room-staircase | rustic-timber-frame-chalet-living-room-staircase.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-05-1-Kindesignrustic-billiard-room-home-bar | rustic-billiard-room-home-bar.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-01-1-Kindesign-1rustic-timber-frame-chalet-living-room | rustic-timber-frame-chalet-living-room.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-02-1-Kindesignrustic-timber-frame-chalet-living-room | rustic-timber-frame-chalet-living-room.

Timber-Frame-Chalet-Kevin-Gray-Interiors-03-1-Kindesignrustic-timber-frame-chalet-living-room | rustic-timber-frame-chalet-living-room.

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