Breathtaking Modern Mountain Home In Utah With Luxe Details


This stunning modern mountain home with interiors by Studio McGee, is nestled on 160 acres in the exclusive luxury community of Wolf Creek Ranch, just outside of Park City, Utah. This incredible vacation home was designed to accommodate plenty of family and friends. This mountain retreat comes complete with a whole guest wing! What is really cool about this property is how the garage opens up to groomed snowmobile trails, with plenty of wildlife and acres upon acres of wide open space. The exterior facade features a beautiful mix of reclaimed Trestlewood, stone, steel and copper. On the inside, you will find clean lines with added warmth, luxe details and welcoming spaces that will leave you speechless.

The flooring throughout the main living spaces is rift sawn white oak with a custom stain. All walls and trim are Benjamin Moore Simply White, unless otherwise noted.

Above: The bench featured in the entryway is the Camille Tufted Settee, and can be found over at Restoration Hardware.

What We Love: This modern mountain home is simply spectacular from the outside to the inside, every detail is exquisite. The designers have done a wonderful job at sourcing finishes, fixtures and materials. Everything is brilliantly put together to create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere, what you should expect in a vacation home.

Readers, what are your thoughts, is this your idea of a dream home? If you could have a vacation retreat, would it be in the mountains or do you prefer a beach house?

Above: The Belgian Classic Shelter Arm Leather Sofa was picked up from Restoration Hardware, while the natural goat hide chairs are from Jayson Home. Complimenting the seating arrangement in the living room is a pair of gray armchairs from Design Within Reach.

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Above: The fireplace in the living room is a work of industrial art, while a window seat provides coziness to the space. Stacks of wood nestled in built-ins on either side of the window seats adds a touch of rusticity to this modern space.

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Above: The fabulous kitchen features custom cabinetry and an expansive island with a waterfall countertop of pure white quartz. The Cherner Counter Stools were sourced from Design Within Reach. The beautiful Goodman Pendant lights over the island can be found over at the designers own online store, McGee & Co.

Above: A beautiful dual-sided fireplace can be seen in both the living room and the family room. The client had requested a steel and I-beam fireplace design. “The fireplace surround is steel panels attached with rivets and the mantel is an actual I-beam,” states Studio McGee. “After it was installed, we did a black patina over the entire thing to give it a rustic, yet sleek look. The hearth is poured concrete.”

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Above: For the children’s bedrooms, the designers used a touch more color, but they still incorporate the high contrast, steel and natural wood elements from the rest of home.

Above: This long hallway features floor-to-ceiling windows, illuminating the space with natural light. The designers had custom frames/mattes made, filling them with black and white family photos, helping to personalize the space.

Above: The guest room features a super cool vibe. The print above the bed is a photograph taken of the property. The designers commissioned a graphic designer friend to do the text overlay. The room feels like a serene retreat with a platform bed and side tables with no drawers.

Above: A guest bathroom showcases a painted wall above the white subway tiles for contrast, Black Magic by Benjamin Moore. A touch of glamour has been added into this space with the lucite and marble vanity.

Above: This guest room was designed to feel a little softer, layered with white linen bedding with wool menswear fabrics, such as herringbone and tweed. The gold accents have been integrated into the design scheme to add warmth.

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Above: The guest bathroom was so long that the designers needed to find a way to break it up. The solution? Open shelving. The concrete sink was custom designer through the builder. “I’m kind of obsessed with how the rustic sink pairs with the pretty cement tiles and brass fixtures,” states Studio McGee.

Photos: Travis J Photo

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