Captivating Modern-rustic Home In The Colorado Mountains


This captivating and expansive three-story modern mountain home with rustic nuances has been designed by Suman Architects, located in Vail, Colorado. The materials on the exterior facade are comprised of natural dry-stack stone, copper paneling with a natural patina, clear cedar siding, and a standing seam copper roof. With three levels, the entrance to the home is accessed via stone steps that leads up to the second level which leads you into the main living spaces.

A focal point to this fabulous living room, the fireplace wall is comprised of a stone veneer, which is a blend of Colorado sandstone and split brownstone, adding visual warmth to the space. A horse painting set on a 48 inch wide log insert helps set the tone for the color scheme of the interiors. Sliding panel doors completely opens the living space up to an outside deck that overlooks outdoor living spaces and a swimming pool below.

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What We Love: How beautifully the home blends in with it’s surroundings, which seems a lot of depth and character to it. It’s modern styling is very clean and aesthetically pleasing, with a gorgeous mix of materials, textures and furnishings that have been arranged to harmoniously flow from one space to the next. Multiple outdoor living spaces seems to seal the deal on this home, making it a mountain dream home! What do you think?

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This beautiful custom designed kitchen features walnut cabinetry with countertops comprised of Wild Sea Granite, sourced from The Stone Collection.

This stunning powder bathroom features light fixtures from Bocci, a handcrafted walnut door and custom sandstone countertop with integral sink.

The family room features custom designed American walnut linear cabinetry with complimentary shelving units displaying the homeowners books and decorative accessories.

The entrance to the home provides a dramatic mood with soaring ceilings, dripping chandelier and a custom three inch thick walnut wood door sized at four-feet wide and nine-feet high.

Photos: Courtesy of Suman Architects

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