Contemporary Dwelling Perched On A Mountaintop Overlooking Lake Tahoe


This contemporary lake house was designed by Northworks Architects + Planners, nestled on a mountainside in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The scope of this project entails the entire renovation of a single-family dwelling into a bright and spacious new layout the meets the lifestyle needs of the homeowner. The exterior facade encompasses materials of steel and glass windows, stained cedar lap siding and a standing seam metal roof.

Above: Designed for an art collector, the interiors were designed to provide a backdrop to showcase art — thanks to crisp white walls, clean lines and an open layout. The architects also focused on thoughtfully placed sight lines to help frame each piece of art.

Above: This Lake Tahoe dwelling features expansive walls of glass, enabling a direct connection to the exterior environment for picture-perfect lake, mountain and forest views.

What We Love: This fabulous lake house design features an open and spacious interior layout to help showcase the homeowners art collection. Walls of glass captures breathtaking views of the rugged Lake Tahoe environment, adding to the overall aesthetic of this home. Outdoor living spaces creates an inviting and peaceful atmosphere thanks to the tranquil lake, mountain and forest views… Readers, please share with us your thoughts on the overall design of this home. Would the location be your idea of the perfect place to take up roots? Tell us in the Comments?

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Photos: Leslee Mitchell

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Contemporary-Lake-House-Northworks-Architects-19-1-Kindesigncontemporary-exterior | contemporary-exterior.

Contemporary-Lake-House-Northworks-Architects-18-1-Kindesigncontemporary-garage | contemporary-garage.

Contemporary-Lake-House-Northworks-Architects-17-1-Kindesigncontemporary-deck | contemporary-deck.

Contemporary-Lake-House-Northworks-Architects-16-1-Kindesigncontemporary-landscape | contemporary-landscape.

Contemporary-Lake-House-Northworks-Architects-15-1-Kindesigncontemporary-kids-bedroom | contemporary-kids-bedroom.

Contemporary-Lake-House-Northworks-Architects-14-1-Kindesigncontemporary-bathroom | contemporary-bathroom.

Contemporary-Lake-House-Northworks-Architects-12-1-Kindesigncontemporary-bedroom | contemporary-bedroom.

Contemporary-Lake-House-Northworks-Architects-13-1-Kindesigncontemporary-bedroom | contemporary-bedroom.

Contemporary-Lake-House-Northworks-Architects-09-1-Kindesigncontemporary-living-room | contemporary-living-room.

Contemporary-Lake-House-Northworks-Architects-08-1-Kindesigncontemporary-living-room | contemporary-living-room.

Contemporary-Lake-House-Northworks-Architects-10-1-Kindesigncontemporary-dining-room | contemporary-dining-room.

Contemporary-Lake-House-Northworks-Architects-11-1-Kindesigncontemporary-deck | contemporary-deck.

Contemporary-Lake-House-Northworks-Architects-07-1-Kindesigncontemporary-kitchen | contemporary-kitchen.

Contemporary-Lake-House-Northworks-Architects-06-1-Kindesigncontemporary-dining-room | contemporary-dining-room.

Contemporary-Lake-House-Northworks-Architects-05-1-Kindesigncontemporary-living-room | contemporary-living-room.

Contemporary-Lake-House-Northworks-Architects-03-1-Kindesigncontemporary-living-room | contemporary-living-room.

Contemporary-Lake-House-Northworks-Architects-04-1-Kindesigncontemporary-living-room | contemporary-living-room.

Contemporary-Lake-House-Northworks-Architects-02-1-Kindesigncontemporary-entry | contemporary-entry.

Contemporary-Lake-House-Northworks-Architects-01-1-Kindesign-1contemporary-entry | contemporary-entry.

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