Modern-rustic Mountain Dwelling With Picturesque Setting In Aspen


This spectacular modern-rustic mountain dwelling was custom designed by Poss Architecture, located in beautiful Aspen, Colorado. Boasting 10,000 square feet of living space, this sprawling residence was constructed to feel like water is traveling though and around it. The dwelling consists of four wings, allowing flexible living spaces and a departure from traditional notion of mountain home architecture. Large expanses of glass capture the breathtaking mountain vistas that surrounds this gorgeous home.

The interiors are more modern in their spatial organization and use of stone and timber helps to infuse the home with warmth. A Montana granite wall separates the residence’s footprint, traveling from the exterior facade of the entryway to other areas of the home, such as the fireplaces and kitchen backsplash. The main part of the home is separated from the guest wing by a transparent bridge that has a meandering stream running below.

What We Love: This modern-rustic mountain dwelling not only showcases beautiful surroundings, but exquisite architectural design. We are especially loving the water feature running under the home. It is so natural that you want to relax next to it and enjoy the peaceful setting. Expansive walls of glass helps to capture this home’s picture perfect setting… Readers, what do you think of this mountain home? Could you find yourself living here? Tell us in the Comments!

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This beautiful living room features soaring sloped ceilings, floor to ceiling glass and a beautiful stone fireplace as a central focal point to the space.

Photos: Courtesy of Poss Architecture

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Modern-Rustic-Mountain-Home-Poss-Architecture-04-1-Kindesignmodern-rustic-mountain-home-exterior | modern-rustic-mountain-home-exterior.

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