Modern-rustic Mountain Home With Spectacular Views In Big Sky Country


Mountain Peek is a custom designed modern-rustic mountain home by Centre Sky Architecture, located within the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Montana. The Yellowstone Club is a magnificent 15,200 acre private residential community set amidst the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains. The layout of this incredible home was heavily influenced by the site.

Instead of building up vertically the floor plan reaches out horizontally with slight elevations between different spaces. This allowed for beautiful views from every space and also gave us the ability to play with roof heights for each individual space. Natural stone and rustic wood are accented by steal beams and metal work throughout the home.

What We Love: This modern-rustic mountain home showcases warm and comfortable living spaces that are open and spacious. There is an incredible flow between spaces, along with an indoor-outdoor connection that helps bring in natural light and nature. Enveloped in mountains, this home has a beautiful setting for year-round outdoor enjoyment. This sprawling home is perfect for entertaining friends and family, with plenty of space for overnight guests!… Readers, what do you think of this mountain dream home, would this be your ideal retreat for a family vacation getaway? Let us know in the Comments below!

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Above: An open plan kitchen, dining and living room is wrapped with floor-to-ceiling windows, framing views of the rugged mountain landscape.

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Above: A warm fireplace provides ambiance in the evening, while also keeping guests warm after a day of skiing. Notice the chair lift just outside the window?

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Above: Full heights windows and soaring ceiling characterizes this formal dining space, with plenty of room to seat up to ten guests comfortably.

Above: One the adjacent side of the kitchen is this cozy living room space, offering comfortable furnishings grouped around a gas fireplace.

Above: A stone clad fireplace provides an inviting and relaxing ambiance to this beautiful master bedroom retreat.

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Above: A game room features built-in bunk beds, home bar, family room, and billiard table.

Above: The mudroom offers plenty of built-in storage for outdoor activities.

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Photos: Whitney Kamman & Karl Nuemann

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Modern-Rustic-Mountain-Home-Centre-Sky-Architecture-20-1-Kindesignmodern-rustic entry | modern-rustic entry.

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Modern-Rustic-Mountain-Home-Centre-Sky-Architecture-18-1-Kindesignmodern-rustic bunk room | modern-rustic bunk room.

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Modern-Rustic-Mountain-Home-Centre-Sky-Architecture-12-1-Kindesignmodern-rustic family room | modern-rustic family room.

Modern-Rustic-Mountain-Home-Centre-Sky-Architecture-13-1-Kindesignmodern-rustic family room | modern-rustic family room.

Modern-Rustic-Mountain-Home-Centre-Sky-Architecture-10-1-Kindesignmodern-rustic family room | modern-rustic family room.

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Modern-Rustic-Mountain-Home-Centre-Sky-Architecture-09-1-Kindesignmodern-rustic family room | modern-rustic family room.

Modern-Rustic-Mountain-Home-Centre-Sky-Architecture-07-1-Kindesignmodern-rustic family room | modern-rustic family room.

Modern-Rustic-Mountain-Home-Centre-Sky-Architecture-05-1-Kindesignmodern-rustic entry | modern-rustic entry.

Modern-Rustic-Mountain-Home-Centre-Sky-Architecture-06-1-Kindesignmodern-rustic dining room | modern-rustic dining room.

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