Mountain Contemporary Home In Utah: River Bend Ranch


This luxury mountain contemporary home was created to fit in with its beautiful natural surroundings by design-build firm Phillips Development, located in Park City, Utah. This residence was originally a 5,000 square foot home that was given a major reconstruction and through remodel. The design team also included an addition onto the home, which gives it a total of 11,000 square feet of sumptuous living space. The project took a total of 15 months to complete. The scope of the project involved significant exterior and interior structural changes to the property. Continue looking through the images below to see all the beautiful features that were added to this home.

According to the homeowner, the renovations encompassed “knocking out an exterior wall and roof line; relocation relocation, addition and elimination of many doors and windows; removal of major interior walls; replacement and redesign of radiant heating system, addition of a fireplace; relocation and reconstruction of the main house kitchen; remodel of the caretaker’s apartment; redesign and re-layout of four bathrooms; installation of extensive new cabinetry and countertops; installation of wood flooring and tile; replacement of all doors, trim and baseboards; and installation of audio-video and lighting control systems. In summary, this project was just a few steps short of teardown and reconstruction.”

What We Love: This mountain contemporary home offers beautiful mountain vistas surrounding the property and exquisite details at every turn. Despite its size, this home is very livable with its soaring wood beamed ceilings and the warmth of stone and wood materials throughout.

Readers, what do you think? Do you find this home too large or do you find that the use of materials and finishes makes it feel warm and cozy?

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Above: The kitchen cabinets are 1/4 sawn white oak with a custom stain and glaze. The striking countertops are granite Kozmus with a leathered finish. The hardware is an oil-rubbed bronze. The sink was sourced from Kohler, which the designers highly recommend for their durability. The hood above the range is comprised of steel; hand distressed and then oxidized with different acids for the color. The breakfast bar countertop is a butcher block of walnut and cherry, finished with decorative clavos on the ends. The gorgeous flooring is reclaimed hickory, while the flooring features a wood plank in 6 inch alder.

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Photos: Phillips Development

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