Rustic Mountain Cabin Retreat Surrounded
Rustic Mountain Cabin Retreat Surrounded

Rustic Mountain Cabin Retreat Surrounded By Tranquility In Sierra Nevadas


This rustic mountain cabin retreat was designed by Nicholas Sonder Architect in collaboration with Heslin Construction, located in the luxury community of Martis Camp, in Truckee, California. An elegant blend of modern and mountain-rustic, this 3,250 square foot four-bedroom, four-and-a-half bath residence is a custom home ideal for entertaining, and hosting family gatherings.

There are multiple dining areas for guests: a built-in breakfast nook, a granite kitchen counter bar, and a cozy dining room. The den is built right off the great room, offering an easy bonus space to relax in. A Weiland sliding door opens the living room onto the outdoor living space. Built on a cabin lot in the gated community of Martis Camp, this custom home unites luxury amenities with mountain living.

One of this dwelling’s most idyllic features is the fact it has running water — thoughtfully orientated to take advantage of the stream and pond on the property. This home also enjoys fabulous views of Lookout Mountain — vistas this home’s bedrooms, great room, kitchen and media room fully embrace — which will help deliver frequent moments of serenity. Those sensations are best captured from the Juliet balcony of the upper level’s guest master suite.

The corner dining area opens to the outside through an accordion door, blurring indoor-outdoor boundaries. There is an abundance of picklewood, combined with soaring windows, knotty alder doors and white oak floors.

What We Love: This rustic mountain cabin retreat offers a warm and cozy atmosphere to enjoy some leisure time in the woods. Material elements throughout the interiors adds an inviting warmth that welcomes guests to feel right at home. This dwelling was sited on the property to not only enjoy the tranquility of a pond and stream, but also the rugged mountains that makes this region so spectacular.

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Above: In the kitchen, countertops are natural stone, while the high-appliances include Wolf, Sub-Zero and Bosch.

Above: The staircase iron railings are custom fabricated.

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Above: The cabin’s exterior is an attractive blend of pickelwood, stone and black trim.

Photos: Vance Fox Photography

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