Rustic Mountain Retreat Boasts Lodge Style Appeal In Big Sky, Montana


Summit Residence is a sensational rustic mountain retreat designed by Locati Architects, located in the prestigious ski resort community of Yellowstone Club, Big Sky, Montana. This wonderful residence was constructed by local building company Schlauch Bottcher Construction. The homeowner selected all of the interior furnishings to complete the look of this mountain dream home. There are plenty of custom features throughout, including soaring ceilings, exposed trusses and a lodge style appeal.

Highlights to this mountain retreat includes a chef’s kitchen, spacious living areas, a dining room that seats ten, plenty of bedrooms for entertaining family and guests, a home cinema, and an entertainment/family room replete with a arcade games, pool table, bar and bowling alley. From every room, there are unparalleled 180 degree views of snow capped mountains and wooded landscape. The outdoors offers meticulous landscaped grounds with several outdoor living spaces with fire pit and fireplace and covered swimming pool.

What We Love: This stunning rustic mountain retreat offers exceptional style and design both indoors and out. We are especially appreciating the backyard deck with its sunken firepit and surrounding furnishings. This would be a great spot to entertain during the summer months after a day of outdoor activities. The rugged mountain views are breathtaking and the architects have done a wonderful job of capturing this vistas from both interior and exterior living spaces… Readers, what features of this home captivated your attention and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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Above: This wonderful chef’s kitchen showcases top of the line appliances and a beautiful kitchen island with plenty of seating for entertaining family and friends. The countertops are granite and all the cabinetry has been custom designed.

Above: The master bedroom retreat is super cozy with a built-in window seat and roaring fireplace, incredible views and en-suite bathroom.

Above: This cozy bedroom offers two built-in bunk beds, a warm fireplace and beautiful views of snow capped mountains. The fabric on the bed is a custom designed duvet comprised of AERIN velvet for Kravet.

Above: The billiards table was custom designed and installed in this family space by Aspen Rustic Billiards.

The recliners in this cozy home theater can be found here, available in either leather or fabric and the sheepskin bean bag chairs can be found here.

Above: Brushed concrete has been used on the driveway that meanders through this amazing compound.

Photos: Roger Wade Studio

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