Rustic Ranch House In Colorado Opens To The Mountains


This modern rustic retreat was designed by Terra Firma Custom Homes in collaboration with JJ Interiors, located in the Colorado mountains of Granby-based C Lazy U Ranch. Boasting four bedrooms and four-and-a- half-bathrooms, this home was constructed for a modern family on a rustic ranch-style property. The homeowners requested for the design concept to recognize the importance of family and the history of the ranch. It was also important that the program address the clients lifestyle needs of comfort and relaxation, where its inhabitants could grow and create their own fond memories.

The home showcases soaring ceilings wood trusses, wooden flooring and ceilings, and a warm color palette with a rustic-modern styling. While designing the home, the clients allowed the design team to take risks, appreciating great design and creative solutions to design problems. The result is a stunning home with eye-catching deign features and expansive windows that captures the magnificent views of the surrounding rugged landscape.

What We Love: The living room is stunning with the stone fireplace and glass panels that fold away to help blur the boundaries between inside and out. We can imagine having the best of both worlds, snuggled next to the fireplace while feeling like you are outside immersed in the rugged mountains. The surroundings of this home are simply breathtaking and the interiors helps to enhance the natural beauty. Another fabulous mountain home! What do you think, is this rustic home your style?

Feel inspired by modern rustic mountain retreats? So are we, and have featured plenty here on One Kindesign that we would love to share with you:

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Above: The kitchen island was designed and built to fit the house by New Mountain Design. Flooring is reclaimed — typically a blend of beech, maple, elm, ash, and oak from this supplier.

Above: The island countertop is a stone called Santa Fe Brown from The Stone Collection in Denver, CO. The surface was given a leathered finish for a softer look.

Above: The wood is a Cottonwood slab around 60″ in diameter. Sitting atop the island, the wood offers a peninsula bar for additional seating. Salvage from Salt Lake City, this tree took root in 1876, the same year that Colorado became a state! A marker was put on the tree slab, along with a 1919 marker, the same year the ranch came into existence. 

Can you imagine cooking in this amazing kitchen with those views? The connection between the living room and kitchen works in perfect harmony for entertaining. A clever design in this kitchen is that the windows open above the sink to allow the hostess to pass food through to the sit up bar on the the balcony.

This wrap around terrace provides plenty of space for dining al fresco and areas for seating to relax and enjoy the astounding views and breathtaking sunsets.

Above: In the dining room, the horse trough chandelier is from Low Country Originals.

Above: In the rustic powder bathroom, the light fixture was sourced from Tech Lighting.

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Above: In the mudroom, the flooring is a travertine stone blend from DalTile. The wood behind the coat hooks is reclaimed barnwood.

Above: The bedroom walls are painted in Boothbay Gray HC-165 | Benjamin Moore, selected to complement the natural fiber wallpaper on the ceiling.

Above: The tub is from Aquatic. The custom cabinets are from Homestead purchased through New Mountain Design.

Above: The glass partition wall and shower accent is a mosaic blend from Oceanside. The flooring is a slate.

Photos: Courtesy of JJ Interiors

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Modern-Rustic-Retreat-JJ-Interiors-01-1-Kindesign-1Modern Rustic Retreat-JJ Interiors-01-1 Kindesign | Modern Rustic Retreat-JJ Interiors-01-1 Kindesign.

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Modern-Rustic-Retreat-JJ-Interiors-03-1-KindesignModern Rustic Retreat-JJ Interiors-03-1 Kindesign | Modern Rustic Retreat-JJ Interiors-03-1 Kindesign.

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