Spectacular Modern Mountain Home In Park City, Utah


This remarkable modern mountain home was designed by Upwall Design in collaboration with LMK Interior Design, located in The Colony at White Pine Canyon in Park City, Utah. This luxurious gated community offers its residents ski in/ski out access and incredible rocky mountain views. This brand new home is nestled on six-acres, connecting with its surrounding mountainous landscape through dynamic architecture and clean-lined interiors emphasizing comfort and warmth. In order to capture the dynamic mountain vistas, the architects created strong geometric lines, breezeways formed by leaning glass walls and walls windows, blurring the boundaries between indoors and out. The home is spread out through the tree line and wrapping around a meadow like a winding origami. Spaces are separated out by two breezeways, which keeps the home feeling connected while at the same time making each structure feel like is all alone in the forest.

Floor-to-ceiling, double-story windows in the dining room captures the picturesque views of the Park City mountaintops.

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This spacious house is comprised of 9,000 square feet with nine bathrooms and six bedrooms. To make it feel more cozy, sunk-in, multi-level living spaces were created, which includes the family room pictured above, which is connected with the great room by way of a double-sided fireplace that has been constructed on an angle. The sunk-in family room pays homage to the conversation pits of the 1960s, making it a very welcoming space, perfect for intimate conversations.

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Art vases are displayed on beautiful iron pedestals against an indigenous stone backdrop. This stone is a material that was used on the exterior facade and was carefully transitioned into the interior to create a cohesive design.

What We Love: There is a beautiful modern aesthetic that seems to carry from space to space. The result is dynamic architecture and brilliantly executed interiors that creates a dwelling that not only embraces its fabulous mountain setting, but also becomes part of it.

An eye-catching circular wall is comprised of a split-chiseled basalt stone fronted by a console table displaying decorative pieces.

The kitchen features rich walnut cabinetry topped with greige quartzite countertops and an abundance of natural light flooding through surrounding windows. Contemporary textures and finishes are mixed with the warmth of the wood flooring and cabinets.

The master bathroom features honed marble flooring and custom cabinets comprised of dark walnut topped with greige quartzite. The color scheme combined with the picture window above the bathtub framing the treetops makes this a very serene environment.

Photos: Scot Zimmerman

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