Timber-frame Mountain Lodge Exudes Old World Charm In Colorado
Timber-frame Mountain Lodge Exudes Old World Charm In Colorado

Timber-frame Mountain Lodge Exudes Old World Charm In Colorado


Vertical Arts Architecture is responsible for the design of this stunning timber-frame mountain lodge located in Storm Mountain Ranch just outside of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The design of this home presents a unique twist that responds to its owners’ eclectic tastes. The architects were tasked with siting this home to take advantage of the property’s numerous natural elements.

Two existing ponds on the property are connected by a small stream that defines the siting of the 17,000 square-foot home. A portion of this home bridges the body of water to enable a stream to pass through. The design also takes advantage of the water by submerging geothermal tubes in the ponds for heating and cooling throughout the house.

Blending the owner’s two styles and viewpoints resulted in a sprawling, two-story home that has a definite ranch feeling on the exterior, but an Old World European character once you step inside.

The exterior of the home features a blend of timber and park architecture stone elements, arched copper windows, and reclaimed siding. The timber frame nestled into the lay of the land and positioned to highlight the views and light exposure.

For the landscape design, the architects played on a simple, natural look. The generous lawns ease into the water’s edge with carefully placed flowers, plantings, and boulders, keeping a natural feel around the site. The hardscape is equally special, creating plenty of nooks and crannies to encourage outdoor living with views of the surrounding valley and ponds.

A few grass expanses stretch from patios to the water’s edge and large boulders and carefully placed plantings emphasize the views. A few flowers and grasses line the creek that passes under the interior bridge of the home. Patios thoughtfully placed around the house create private and public areas with views of the ponds and mountains.

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Step through the impressive front doors and the design feels like an Old World European lodge, if only in spirit. Douglas fir beams and truss work with metal straps lend unity to the house. The moss rock, used generously on both the exterior and interior, adds texture, dimension and color, and restates the lodge look throughout the house. Multiple living areas, a workout room, a bar and sitting rooms that take advantage of the different views account for most of the square footage along with five bedrooms.

In the great room, a beamed vaulted ceiling soars to 24-feet. A wall of windows and doors frames the view of the mountains and meadows, sourced from JELD-WEN Windows and Doors.

Above: The kitchen overall is approximately 24′-6″ x 16′-6″. The island is 3′-0″ x 12′-7″. The walls are a stone veneer, sourced from a local stone yard in Steamboat, Colorado.

In the upstairs sitting room, the architects achieved a more formal look using a cut stone fireplace and groin vault, along with plaster walls, for a more traditional retreat.

What We Love: This timber-frame mountain lodge is surrounded by beautiful water elements to create a feeling of tranquility for this home’s inhabitants. Throughout this home, luxurious details abound, from the intricate stonework to the rustic timbers. Large windows soak in the breathtaking beauty that surrounds this home while bathing the interiors with natural light. Overall, the striking beauty of this home presents an inviting display of architecture on a property that is truly magnificent.

Tell Us: What do you think of the overall design of this home? Would this be your idea of the ultimate dream house? Let us know why or why not in the Comment below!

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Photos: James Ray Spahn

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