Warm And Cozy Mountain Style Farmhouse Nestled In The Sierra Nevadas


This mountain style farmhouse was designed and built by Heslin Construction, located in Martis Camp, an incredible ski community in Lake Tahoe, California. Martis Camp was named as the best place to own a second home in Tahoe by Barron’s. Forbes has also just placed this stellar community at the top of their list, in addition to labelling it as “Possibly the Best Four Season Private Community in The U.S.”

This sensational dwelling was designed to mimic a mountain style farmhouse and offers amenities for the whole family to enjoy. There are dedicated spaces for the younger generation, which includes a bunk room with a “train style” bed system and a fully equipped art room. Nature is brought into the living space through the large Weiland windows and the Weiland doors which open onto an expansive outdoor living area. The open floor plan and playful details of this home are something to be desired. A true Tahoe retreat to love…

What We Love: There are a lot of beautiful details to admire in this warm and cozy mountain style farmhouse. Enormous windows helps to highlight the breathtaking surroundings of the rugged Sierra Nevadas. Shiplap walls, exposed wood beams and inviting furnishings and accessories helps to create a vacation home that enjoyable to spend time luxuriating in…  Readers, what are your thoughts on the style of this home, would this be your dream home vacation retreat? Let us know why or why not in the Comments below!

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Photos: Vance Fox Photography

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Mountain-Style-Farmhouse-Heslin-Construction-23-1-Kindesignrustic-exterior | rustic-exterior.

Mountain-Style-Farmhouse-Heslin-Construction-22-1-Kindesignrustic-bathroom | rustic-bathroom.

Mountain-Style-Farmhouse-Heslin-Construction-20-1-Kindesignrustic-bedroom | rustic-bedroom.

Mountain-Style-Farmhouse-Heslin-Construction-21-1-Kindesignrustic-bunk-bedroom | rustic-bunk-bedroom.

Mountain-Style-Farmhouse-Heslin-Construction-19-1-Kindesignrustic-bedroom | rustic-bedroom.

Mountain-Style-Farmhouse-Heslin-Construction-18-1-Kindesignrustic-bathroom | rustic-bathroom.

Mountain-Style-Farmhouse-Heslin-Construction-17-1-Kindesignrustic-bathroom | rustic-bathroom.

Mountain-Style-Farmhouse-Heslin-Construction-16-1-Kindesignrustic-bedroom | rustic-bedroom.

Mountain-Style-Farmhouse-Heslin-Construction-15-1-Kindesignrustic-hall | rustic-hall.

Mountain-Style-Farmhouse-Heslin-Construction-14-1-Kindesignrustic-family-room | rustic-family-room.

Mountain-Style-Farmhouse-Heslin-Construction-13-1-Kindesignrustic-hall | rustic-hall.

Mountain-Style-Farmhouse-Heslin-Construction-12-1-Kindesignrustic-living-room | rustic-living-room.

Mountain-Style-Farmhouse-Heslin-Construction-10-1-Kindesignrustic-home-office | rustic-home-office.

Mountain-Style-Farmhouse-Heslin-Construction-11-1-Kindesignrustic-home-office | rustic-home-office.

Mountain-Style-Farmhouse-Heslin-Construction-08-1-Kindesignrustic-kitchen | rustic-kitchen.

Mountain-Style-Farmhouse-Heslin-Construction-09-1-Kindesignrustic-pantry | rustic-pantry.

Mountain-Style-Farmhouse-Heslin-Construction-05-1-Kindesignrustic-living-room | rustic-living-room.

Mountain-Style-Farmhouse-Heslin-Construction-06-1-Kindesignrustic-living-room | rustic-living-room.

Mountain-Style-Farmhouse-Heslin-Construction-07-1-Kindesignrustic-kitchen | rustic-kitchen.

Mountain-Style-Farmhouse-Heslin-Construction-04-1-Kindesignrustic-living-room | rustic-living-room.

Mountain-Style-Farmhouse-Heslin-Construction-03-1-Kindesignrustic-living-room | rustic-living-room.

Mountain-Style-Farmhouse-Heslin-Construction-02-1-Kindesignrustic-entry | rustic-entry.

Mountain-Style-Farmhouse-Heslin-Construction-01-1-Kindesign-1rustic-exterior | rustic-exterior.

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