25 Ideas On How To Decorate Your Home With Spring Flower Arrangements

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This has been a long and cold winter and it is time to look forward to spring and all the wonderful things that it signifies, plenty of sunshine and beautiful flower arrangements. Today we have put together an inspiring collection of Spring flower arrangements, DIY ideas you can create to help bring Spring into your home.

There are plenty of colorful and beautiful arrangements that you can put together to fill your home with Spring. These can be placed anywhere in your home, on your dining table, coffee table, your windowsill, fireplace mantel, kitchen counter, front entryway or even in your bedrooms.Have a look below through our inspiring collection and let us know which one is your favorite and why in the Comments below!

1. Five Minute Flower Arrangement. Tulips and other fresh flowers are staggered glass bottles in a tool box. (via Thistlewood Farms)

2. Hang a floral chandelier above your dining table. Attach water tubes and a cap to the stems to keep the flowers fresh. An old bulb box with a mesh grid was used in this DIY. Insert the stems from the bottom upside down. Florals includes: yellow violier, lilac violier, delphinium blue, larkspur lilac, peonies, and a rose (pink / orange Lovely hearts). Hang stems at varying heights. The box can be hung from the ceiling with fishing line, wire or rope. (via VTwonen)

3. DIY Teacup Floral Arrangement. For this simple arrangement, all you need is a tea cup, fresh roses, chicken wire, faux eucalyptus and some moss for the finishing touch. (via Craftberry Bush)

4. A Bucket of Blooms. Fill an old zinc bucket with fresh blooms and place it on a table or chair. (via French Country Cottage)

5. Farmhouse decor is very in trend right now and this arrangement would make a beautiful vignette. All you need is a vintage trunk, some crates, baskets and vases of flowers to tuck into empty nooks. Place this anywhere in your home where you would like to inject a little Spring! (via Meet The McCartney’s)

6. Dinging Table Arrangement. A wire vase from Magnolia Market is filled with fresh spring tulips. (via Thistlewood Farms)

7. For this beautiful arrangement, flowers were set on a diagonal (instead of a traditional round arrangement) from upper right to lower left, adding fresh flowers in layers. You can set this anywhere, kitchen counter, dining table, front entry, etc. (via Ella Claire Inspired)

8. Glass jars are wrapped with lace ribbon and affix with double-sided sticky tabs. Tie jute rope around the neck of the vase and fasten to the back of your dining chairs. Add water and fresh florals, white columbine, pale yellow violier, and periwinkles. (via VTwonen)

9. A collection of antique glass bottles are graced with store bought florals. The flowers were cut down and placed in individual bottles, which will also help to preserve them for longer. The color and scent will help to infuse spring to your space. (via Ella Claire Inspired)

10. Wooden Flower Box. Set atop your table or by the window, this box can be filled with faux or fresh flowers. If you opt for fresh, just place vases filled with water into the wooden box. This is a DIY project that begins with a wooden crate, wood glue and wood pieces. Get the tutorial how-to at the provided link. (Zevy Joy)

11. This simple flower arrangement features roses, tulips, stock and snips from a jasmine plant. This takes only 10 minutes to arrange, adding freshness to your dining table centerpiece. Get the DIY how to at the provided link. (via Julie Blanner)

12. Create a visual display of spring color on your wall by hanging fresh florals from jute rope and pegs. (via VTwonen)

13. Place glass vase in a wicker basket and fill with water. Cut floral foam and drop into water. Bind willow branches around the rim of the basket with wire. Add florals: 12 daffodils, 6-8 tazettes in white, tulips in pink and branches with buds. (via Wohnidee)

14. Farmhouse Fresh Arrangement. If you want to infuse a little farmhouse into your decor, grab a basket and fill it with florals. If they are fresh, place the florals in a glass jar filled with water before adding them into your basket. (via Design by Gollum)

15. Mason Jar Flowers. This type of flower arrangement is very trendy and simple to re-create! Just add some pretty ribbon for a Spring touch. (via Perry Casa)

16. Find an old birdcage from a flea market or vintage shop and repurpose it to hold your florals. Put an empty jam jar with water in the cage and fill with colorful florals. Here are larkspur, peonies, violier, roses and periwinkles. Hang from the ceiling with rope or ribbon. (via VTwonen)

17. Flower Box Arrangement. This is perfect for your dining table centerpiece, and can be created now and flow right into Easter. (via Househunt Inc)

18. Spring Flowers Apothecary Jars. Repurpose old Starbucks bottles, as their shape is similar to old milk bottles. The antique labels on the bottles can be printed out for free at the provided link. Cut them out, glue them on and spray with some clear acrylic sealer. Add some fresh florals and you are all set! (via Knick of Time)

19. Decorate With Easter Eggs. Fresh florals set in a wire-frame basket features a base of plastic eggs. The addition of the Easter eggs gives this floral arrangement a perfect spring touch! (via Idemakeriet)

20. Spring Farmhouse Florals. This arrangement welcomes in spring with dollar store faux florals filled in three glass jars. To make this grouping more visible, colored twine bounds them together. (via Worthing Court Blog)

21. Umbrella Wreath. This is a fun way to add a burst of color to your door. If it is too cold outside, affix to a wreath holder on the inside of your door. Collect a bouquet of fresh spring flowers and fasten it in a floral sponge moistened with water, then place in an umbrella. Fasten with satin ribbon or twine. (via Random Thoughts Home)

22. Colorful Tulips. Infuse Spring into your home with a bunch of bright tulips and some plastic Easter eggs! Just add some moss to your basket of blooms to give your centerpiece that earthy touch! (via Inspirations Preston Bailey)

23. Tulip Cabbage Flower Arrangement. Instead of filling a traditional vase with flowers, opt instead for a cabbage! This blogger used foam soaked in water to place in the center of a cut cabbage. Push the flowers into the wet foam. Place the cabbage on a tray to display and to protect your table. Be sure to add a little water every couple of days. (via Darling Darleen)

24. DIY Tabletop. Entertain in Springtime style with some daffodils and daisies. This table was styled with a trio of daffodils nestled in purchased birds nests. If you would like to infuse some Easter, add a few speckled eggs. (via Your Cozy Home)

25. This simple grocery store arrangement would look beautiful on a coffee table. We love the addition of a piece of coral on the mirrored tray, adding a beach-inspired element. (via Craftberry Bush)

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