28 Stylish Ideas To Creatively Decorate Your Mantel For Easter


Easter is just around the corner and we have put together a collection of inspiring ideas to help you accessorize your mantel with creative Easter decor. It is all about adding colorful decorations and infusing natural elements to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Don’t forget to add some ambiance with candles or even some string lights. A focal point is the key to success, while layering in elements and garland for some extra flair.

Below is a collection of stylish ideas, with plenty of DIY and budget-friendly inspiration to help you create an eye-catching mantel display. Be sure to check out the information below each image to get sources and tips. Readers, which one of these Easter mantel ideas most inspired you and why in the Comments below!

1. Colorful blocks spells out “Happy Easter”, surrounded by bunny figurines and a glass canister filled with colorful Easter eggs. You can find similar blocks on Etsy. (via Ameroonie Designs)

2. This spring mantel is decorated with sweet bunnies, succulents and natural elements. The Easter bunny sign is made with a DIY Pallet Sign (using boards NOT from a pallet), an Easter Bunny printable and DIY Vintage ‘Happy Easter’ Eggs. Trace out a bunny shape onto poster board and cut out the shape. Place the poster board on color wrapping paper, trace it out and cut out the shape. Glue the two shapes together and use double-sided tape to add it to the pallet sign. Click on the provided link for full DIY instructions. (via So Much Better With Age)

3. A vintage farmhouse spring mantel features a bundle of faux roses and dahlias from Michael’s. The flowers are tucked around a chalkboard sign and into terra-cotta pots with vintage labels. (via Sarah Joy Blog)

4. This Easter/Spring mantel features a bunny painting to create a colorful backdrop for the rest of the mantel. A glass vase is filled with a variety of eggs – Baker’s Twine Wrapped Easter Eggs and Confetti Painted Easter Eggs, both are DIY and have tutorials on the provided link. A green planter from IKEA is filled with floral foam and faux daisies. (via Landeelu)

5. A fresh spring mantel includes a layering of framed prints and vases filled with faux stems and a grass flocked bunny. The two larger-scaled frames are free printables, which can be found on the provided link and printed on card stock. (via Nest of Posies)

6. The focal point of this mantel is an Easter yarn ball garland that was made into a wreath. It features soft pastel colors that lends a cheery feel. Fresh pink tulips in glass jars adds spring color, while pottery rabbits from Pier 1 and three soft pink candle tumblers from Glass.Ful completes the aesthetic. (via A Pretty Life in the Suburbs)

7. This mantel begins with a focal point, a painted robins egg blue wood frame with inset ironwork that was painted white. An egg wreath from HomeGoods was affixed to the centerpiece. White vases flank the centerpiece, filled with faux yellow and white flowers. White bunnies (one propped up on a yellow cake stand), silver candlesticks, colorful eggs and a “Spring” banner from Target provides the finishing touches. (via Adventures in Decorating)

8. A layering of Easter-inspired decor adds color and fun to this mantel. A chalk board adds a spring message, while glass vases filled with fresh tulips adds a burst of color. (via House by Hoff)

9. This charming mantel features a wood curl green square wreath as the focal point, found at Pier 1. Accenting the wreath is a vase with faux white flowers, a white bunny, wooden lantern and garland. (via Pinterest)

10. A trio of faux boxwood wreaths and a picture frame were hung from a metal art piece above the mantel. The white bunnies are from Pier 1. Mini-lights on a wire were wound onto the blossoms adding ambiance. A curtain rod under the mantel features a “Spring” banner. (Dining Delight)

11. Make this glitter egg garland in just five-minutes! To make this, you will need Glitter Easter eggs (this one features 11, you may need more or less depending on the size of your mantel), glitter mini clothespins and Baker’s twine. The twine features three spring colors to add more interest and weight to the garland. Tie the ends of the twine onto little nails in each end of my mantel. (via The Real Thing with the Coake Family)

12. The focal point of this mantel is the Easter bunny palette art “Here Comes Peter Cottontail”. Accents includes wood candle holders topped with wooden bird houses, wicker baskets sprayed white, an ivy topiary, a few artificial flowers and a banner made using plastic eggs from the dollar store. The full tutorial can be found on the provided link. (via Fox Hollow Cottage)

13. A cheerful Easter mantel features a wreath and other Spring decor from Target. A handmade wooden Easter sign is from House of Jason, while the bunny butt is from Etsy store Hello Sunshine Home Decor. The banner is a DIY using materials from Michael’s. (via Destro Photography)

14. The backdrop of this mantel features an old barn door painted white (you could also use a picture frame, mirror, a piece of reclaimed wood, a large sign or a chalkboard). Wooden trees from Hobby Lobby were layered in—two large and one small. Birds stacked on wood blocks (books, pedestals, dishes or bowls turned upside down could also be used) were also layered in. Greenery in white-washed terra cotta pots flank the edges. (via Thistlewood Farms)

15. A “Happy Easter” banner is the focal point of this mantel. You can DIY your own, or you can find one to suit your style tastes on Etsy. Colorful accents and faux greenery adds to the overall beauty of this spring decorated mantel. (via Pinterest)

16. Moss-covered Easter eggs are the inspiration for this vintage-rustic mantel. Reclaimed shutters with a moss-covered wreath provides the backdrop. A white pipe vase from Hobby Lobby is filled with moss and faux succulents, which can be found at Hobby Lobby or Pier 1. A wooden toolbox and cutting board are thrift store finds, adding a natural element. (via Cherished Bliss)

17. An old window frame provides the perfect backdrop for a wreath. A metal grate was cut with metal snippers and staple gunned to the back of the window. A spring tulip wreath was attached to the window frame, creating a focal point for this mantel. (via Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer)

18. Colorful painted wood boards provides the backdrop to an egg topiary and egg wreath. The topiary and wreath were given a makeover (painted white) to not compete with the colorful boards. The wreath was hung with a polka dot ribbon. A galvanized vase and watering can are filled with faux white flowers. The final addition is an Etsy Easter board. (via Landeelu)

19. This mantel is adorned with a fresh bouquet of spring flowers in glass vases, a lantern filled with moss and easter eggs, white bunnies and a milk can filled with branches and pussy willow stems. A “Spring” banner completes the look. (via DIY Show Off)

20. A colorful egg wreath hangs from a mirror above the mantel. Accents added to the mantel includes mercury candle holders with pink and white candles, glass vase with colorful eggs, white bunnies, pink and white flowers in a white milk jug vase and a cake stand layered with a lantern. Tip: Books are used to add height to the candle holders. (via Adventures in Decorating)

21. An Easter manelscape features a scheme of polka dots, pink, turquoise, and lime green. The mantel is filled with eggs, spring greenery, small white bunny and pink chalkboard mason jar. Glitter Easter eggs are layered in a milk glass pedestal dish. A pink polka dot canvas and colorful fabric banner provides the finishes touches. (via Craftaholics Anonymous)

22. Freshen up with spring, a mantel filled with vintage finds and dogwood branches collected from the backyard. You can find similar “Spring” block letters on Etsy, as with the vintage bird painting. (via Iron & Twine)

23. Natural elements have been used to decorate this fresh spring mantel. Accessories includes birds’ nests, feathers, flowers, greenery, and antlers. (via Home Stories A to Z)

24. The focal point of this spring mantel is a boxwood wreath affixed to a salvaged window frame using burlap ribbon. Balancing the focal point are wooden candle sticks and a small vase filled with eggs on one side and a white bunny and white vase filled with faux flowers on the other. A chalk board sign with “Happy Easter” and a burlap bunny bunting—similar can be found on Etsy—completes this charming design. (via Girls With Pearls)

25. A spring mantel is adorned with faux pink tulips from Michaels and a rainbow felt ball garland. Pink ranunculus fills a white pitcher atop a minty cake stand. The grass in the tin on the right, the moss letter G, and the banner tags are also from Michaels. Colorful eggs dot the mantel, while a free Easter Printable from Yellow Bliss Road reminds of what Easter is all about. The focal point is a boxwood wreath hanging from an old window frame. (via Craftaholics Anonymous)

26. This mantel is adorned with a white pitcher vase filled with white faux flowers, a green faux moss orb (you can find similar at Kirkland’s), a green berry ball (Amazon), an egg nest, egg topiary, framed bunny print, and an egg and moss wreath. Get the tutorial on the DIY eggs on the provided link. (via Dear Lillie)

27. Dress up your spring mantel with a DIY Easter egg garland. String colorful eggs from your mantel to create a budget-friendly yet eye-catching look. Fill up glass jars with leftover eggs and set them on your mantel. A chalk board is used as a backdrop for a chalk drawn Easter bunny. (via Kelly Elko)

28. A clear glass vase is filled with colorful Easter eggs and faux yellow flowers. Dots of greenery and eggs fill in the mantel, along with a cotton tail bunny. The chalkboard word art says “Love you all the way to God luck”, found on Dear Lillie Studio. (via Duke Manor Farm)

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