Iron Man’s House

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The magic of movie making is alive and well, and clearly on display in the blockbuster Iron Man sequel. While Tony Stark’s alter-ego Iron Man suit is a stunning work of effects, what is even cooler is Iron Man’s house.

Gallery for Iron Man’s House

ironman_house_art_3Ironman House Art 3 | Ironman House Art 3.

iron-man-houseIron Man House | Iron Man House.

ironman_house_artIronman House Art | Ironman House Art.

ironman_house_art_2Ironman House Art 2 | Ironman House Art 2.

ironman_stark_house_aerial_art_2Ironman Stark House Aerial Art 2 | Ironman Stark House Aerial Art 2.

ironman_living_roomIronman Living Room | Ironman Living Room.

ironman_bedroomIronman Bedroom | Ironman Bedroom.

ironman2-1Ironman2 | Ironman2.

ironman_stark_house_aerial_artIronman Stark House Aerial Art | Ironman Stark House Aerial Art.

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