A Perfect Seaside Holiday In East Sussex: Barefoot Beach House


Nestled along the rolling dunes of Camber Sands, East Sussex, United Kingdom, Barefoot Beach House is a charming self-catering beach house that is available for rent. Offering beachfront luxury, this home offers the perfect relaxing family escape, with the beach right at your back door. Upon arrival to this quaint beach home, you will want to kick off your shoes and not put them back on till you leave! If you are not sold yet, read on, as it gets better…

The bedrooms are spread out over the first and second levels, with the master bedroom on the first floor. A picture window frames the ocean beautifully, where you can watch from your king-sized bed as the sea gulls gracefully fly over the ocean. There are three additional bedrooms and one bathroom as well as a wet room. Curtained off from the master bedroom is a beamed lofty twin bedroom perfect for hosting children. Each of the bedrooms offers fine linens in neutral sandy hues, taking their cue from the powdery sand dunes.

Barefoot Beach House sleeps up to eight guests (six adults and two children), book your stay on Unique Home Stays. Rates range from $2,189 – $2,853, with a three night minimum.

Activities: The area of Camber is very special, with several unique habitats, such as shingle, saltmarsh, sand dunes and saline lagoons, making it a site of special scientific interest. The beach house itself offers guests plenty of fun activities to enjoy outdoors. When the sun sets, relax around the fire pit, the perfect spot to toast marshmallows and enjoy great conversation while enjoying the starry nights sky. Camber is close to a trendy coastal hot spot, the town of Rye, offering scrumptious eateries and fun boutique shopping.

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Relaxation: There are plenty of water activities such as fishings and boating. You can also enjoy a sunset stroll on the beach, or if you really love adventure, take a horse out galloping along the shores. There is nothing more tranquil than being lulled to sleep by the sound of waves crashing on the shore… can you just imagine.

What We Love: With a perfect beachfront location and charming details throughout this home, you could not ask for a more relaxing vacation getaway. An experience for the whole family to enjoy, this lovely home offers so many activities for its visiting guests. The best part? The sound of the crashing waves lulling you to sleep, what a true paradise, when can we come for a visit?

Readers, what do you think, would you visit the Barefoot Beach House for a family holiday?

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