A Very Rustic Christmas In An Old Spanish Country House


This Spanish country house used to be two barns that for a long time were used as stables and pens for animals, located in Sant Martí de Llémena, Girona. Until its current owners commissioned Aresta Arquitectura to rehabilitate them and turn them into this comfortable rural house with large windows.

Now, they escape whenever they can, Christmas included! Decorations include plenty of green and golden touches, which give it that elegant Christmas feeling. Can Nerós is what the owners call this solid house, made of stone, large windows, and wooden beams. Continue below for some incredible Christmas inspiration…

Need To Know: This home is available to rent on Airbnb. Its name is Can Nerós, it is located in Sant Martí de Llémena, Girona.

Above: The wooden beams, its windows, its beautiful winter light, and its fireplace were more than enough reasons to fall in love with this house.

Above: The new windows are much larger than the traditional ones of a rustic house and allowing the homeowners to enjoy the spectacular views to the west of the estate.

What We Love: This Spanish country house offers its inhabitants a magical atmosphere with its beautiful Christmas decorations. A cozy and warm aesthetic is achieved with materials of stone and wood and a layering of textures. We bet this home would be a magical place to spend the Christmas holidays!

Tell Us: What are your thoughts, do you like the way the homeowner’s decorated for Christmas? What decorations most inspired you and why in the Comments below?

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Above: Behind the sofa, the mirror on the dresser is decorated with a pine garland, with lights and golden leaves.

Above: The dining room is located next to the window to take advantage of the light. The low lamps ensure that the atmosphere is cozy. This space is decorated for Christmas in a theme of green and blue. The blue cushions on the chairs were selected to match the table color scheme.

Above: The secret of an unforgettable Christmas decoration is in the details like the pine sprigs collected in the forest on the mirrors or a table set with classic details such as carved glasses, but with a vibrant turquoise tablecloth.

Above: Here, a striking turquoise table runner has been combined as a central garland, with a beige tablecloth that serves as the base. Thus, the golden candlesticks stand out.

Above: Beautiful cards with old printed motifs give an intimate and personal touch on the dining table.

Above: The secret of an unforgettable Christmas decoration is in the small details. Like this original advent calendar on the bedroom wall made with beautiful cards with old motifs. The final touch? The garland of greens that lines the rope and a star of LED lights.

Above: Christmas can sneak in many ways in the bedroom, such as the garland with postcards above the bed.

Above: A traditional wreath indicates the arrival of Advent and is a symbol of hope. It is usually done with pine and holly branches and pinecones.

Photos: El Mueble

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