Breathtaking Tuscan-inspired Vacation Villa In Napa Valley


If you have ever dreamed of a romantic vacation in wine country, this Tuscan-inspired property called Casa de Mayacamas might peak your interest, located in Napa Valley, California. The villa is perched high up in the Mayacama Mountains, surrounded by mature growth trees and enchanting mountain views in all directions. This wine country property offers three bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms and relaxing interiors reminiscent of quintessential California living mixed with a soothing Mediterranean elegance. A charming exterior is characterized by terra-cotta roof tiles, stucco walls covered with climbing vines and a covered terrace to relax and enjoy the fresh mountain air and spectacular views.

Upon entryway through a heavy wooden door, you are welcomed by luxurious appointed interiors with a causal elegance. An open layout at the front of the home consists of the living and dining room as well as the kitchen, showcasing wood beamed ceilings, arched windows and an elegant fireplace for ambiance and warmth. Heading up a finely crafted wrought iron staircase to the second level are the three spacious bedrooms, all with lovely en-suite bathrooms.

This vacation rental sleeps up to six people, hosting an array of activities, from family and romantic holidays to having a wedding venue amongst this picturesque scenery! Prices ranging from $2,500 – $2,500 / night, from here.

Outdoor living spaces are enjoyed throughout the year at this Napa Valley estate, with an outdoor kitchen that offers a barbecue and a wood-fired pizza oven and al fresco dining for eight. A negative edge swimming pool features a pool house with a bar area and plenty of spaces to lounge and soak up the California sunshine. There is also a bocce court, pool table and an outdoor firepit… and the best part, since you are in wine country, a fully stocked wine cellar to enjoy! This retreat is close to plenty of amenities to keep you busy, including golf, downtown Napa and of course plenty of wineries to visit.

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What We Love: A charming villa surrounded by natural beauty and rugged mountains, this is one heavenly escape that can be enjoyed by all. We love the idea of a wedding being held at this spectacular retreat, what a beautiful place to say “I do”… then the next year you can come back to enjoy a wedding anniversary, so many possibilities! What do you think of this Tuscan estate, would this be your idea of a relaxing vacation destination?

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