Chic Factory Style Loft In Madrid Brimming With Character


This factory style loft features bright and spacious interiors, located on a quiet street just a few steps away from the Royal Palace, in Madrid Spain. Spread out over two levels, this amazing loft has been decorated with a charming industrial air with the help of some French vintage furnishings.

This attractive home underwent an extensive renovation, the work of interior designer/owner, Nuria Setó. The renovation has helped to highlight the architecture of the loft, adding a personal touch to all living spaces throughout. The result is brilliant: high ceilings, plenty of transparency and character.

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The interiors were redistributed, not only to create spacious and transparent living environments, but also to enhance an interior courtyard, bathing the spaces in natural light. This also adds freshness to the entire ground level of the apartment. An open and fluid space, this level includes a living room, dining room and kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom.

What We Love: This charming factory style loft offers unique living environments full of luminosity and expressive personality and plenty of fabulous decor. Love the pairing of vintage furnishings with industrial elements. Our favorite space has to be the master bedroom retreat. The way it is tucked in its own little space under street level, a cozy hideaway. The interior courtyard is also a nice sanctuary in a busy urban environment.

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Located below the street level is the master bedroom, which has an integrated work area and bathroom. Walls, floor and ceiling were painted in varying hues of white, to enhance luminosity. When it came to the decoration, Nuria Setó, the designer/owner, started with a concise premise: to recreate unique environments, with character and personality.

In this case, vintage wood furnishings were selected, which stands out against the neutral backdrop. Subtle pops of color were added through the textiles, decor and the furnishings themselves.

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