Delightfully Chic Beach House Nestled Along The Florida Seaside


This chic beach house was designed in 2015 by Geoff Chick & Associates and built by Envision Design Group, located in Panama City Beach, Florida. Encompassing 5,321 square feet of living space, this home consists of eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms. This beautiful home also boasts an additional 1,941 square feet of covered outdoor living space to enjoy throughout the seasons.

Upon further research, One Kindesign has discovered that this home called “SeaStar” is currently available as a vacation rental. The SeaStar is designed to accommodate a maximum of 22 people. With five king bedrooms plus three bunk rooms that have four beds each. Get more information as well as rates and availability here.

The blue stain on the exterior facade of this beach home is Sherwin-Williams: SW 3012 Meadowbrook, while the white stain is Sherwin-Williams: Extra White SW 7006.

What We Love: Offering a light and bright coastal lifestyle, this chic beach house features one-of-a-kind gulf views. Spread out over three levels, each level offers delightful comforts of living and sleeping areas. Covered balconies provides cozy spaces to enjoy relaxation and heavenly ocean vistas… Readers, please let us know what you think of this beach house in the comments below!

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Above: On the second level is the main living area, which features an open plan living, dining and kitchen area with a cul-de-sac sitting area and fireplace. Expansive windows helps keep this space open and airy while framing views of the Gulf coast. French doors opens out to the balcony where cozy seating areas offer relaxation and comfort… and ocean views!

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Above: The dimensions of the entire space, kitchen / dining / living room is 22×40.

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Above: On the third level, the master bedroom suite offers a luxuriously appointed bedroom with an en-suite bathroom that includes a deep, free-standing tub and walk-in shower. This beautiful space offers oceanfront views and a spacious, private deck with a swing.

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Above: Also on the third level two more guest rooms as well as an additional bunk room. There is also an oceanfront private den area and home office.

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Above: On the lower level of the home you will find a bunk room with an en-suite bathroom, plus an additional half bath. There is also a spacious utility room with a laundry and a bar with an ice maker plus. A closet houses smart technology equipment.

Above: The game room, also on the lower level, features Nano doors that opens out onto a spacious deck with an overflow swimming pool. Additionally this outdoor space includes a Summer kitchen with a gas grill and several lounging areas for relaxation.

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Photos: Emerald Coast Real Estate Photography

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