Dreamy Luxury Woodland Cabin In West Sussex: Little Bear


This woodland cabin is a luxurious self-catering retreat surrounded by wildflowers, located near Billingshurst, West Sussex, United Kingdom. This relaxing haven will help you to re-awaken your connection with nature and promises to help re-kindle romantic chemistry. If a dreamy cabin in the woods sounds delightful, you will also enjoy the amenities this retreat has to offer. Little Bear comes complete with an eco hot tub (it’s wood-fired) and a spacious outdoor fire pit. On the inside, stylish interiors will surprise and delight your senses, with thoughtfully-crafted details throughout. An open plan living area is cleverly designed, offering plenty of comfortable seating options and amenities.

According to a description of Little Bear on Unique Home Stays: “each area feels separate even though the cleverly-designed open-plan living area organically flows from one end of the cabin to the other. The lofty king-sized sleeping area is bedecked in fine linens and faux furs to give a real ‘back to the wild’ vibe. As beseeched by fable, the king-sized bed is not too hard and not too soft – it’s just right. The beautiful bathroom area with walk-in shower (big enough for two) and heated towel rail give a real luxurious feel to this magical abode.”

The Scoop: To stay here, prices start at $647 for a minimum of a two-night stay. Take a look at the link above for Unique Home Stays to get the full details and available calendar dates.

Outside, relax in comfortable sun loungers that offer views of a wildflower meadow garden. This is the perfect getaway to rejuvenate, with a beautiful woodland setting that is peaceful and idyllic.

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What We Love: The outdoor cedar-clad hot tub heated by firewood and surrounded by woods and wildflowers… sounds heavenly.

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A cozy king-sized bed awaits you in this heavenly retreat.

Rustic-inspired fittings in this bathroom lends a stylish aesthetic.

In the open plan living area, a wood ladder rises up to the snug in the eaves.

Climb the ladder to the snug in the eaves… what a great spot to curl up and read a book!

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The exterior of this woodland cottage is clad in carpenter oak.

Photos: Courtesy of Unique Home Stays

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