Luxurious Oceanfront Retreat Offers Heavenly Views Over The Andaman Sea


We spotted this luxurious oceanfront retreat on the vacation rental website Luxury Retreats, ideally located in Kamala, Phuket, Thailand. Set on the west coast, this home showcases idyllic sweeping views over the Andaman Sea. The interior of this home offers guests resort-worthy living spaces to enjoy, coupled with complete privacy. The villa can be shared with family and friends as a relaxed getaway or to celebrate a special occasion… or even a destination wedding!

The beauty of Thailand is its year round tropical climate, where any time of the year is a great time to visit. Guests can really enjoy this exquisite villa with all its outdoor amenities. This includes an infinity pool, sun loungers, sheltered outdoor spaces for living and pavilions flanking each corner of the pool: for living and dining al-fresco. The interiors also enjoys entertainment and activity spaces, such as a bar, library, fitness center, ping-pong and pool tables.

RATES: Sleeping up to 14 guests, this spectacular property called “Oasis Spring” can be rented with 3 night minimum stay. Prices range from:  $2,500 – $5,500 / night. Take a look at Luxury Retreats to help plan and book your trip!

Welcoming you into the entrance of this home is a courtyard surrounded by water features, creating a tranquil ambiance. The main living spaces boast expansive views over the swimming pool and beyond to the ocean. Walls of glass on either side of the home, along with sliding glass doors that opens out to the terrace, helps flood the great room with natural light. Wood flooring in the living and dining areas helps to infuse warmth into these spaces.

A fully-equipped kitchen offers a breakfast bar, wine fridge and luxury appliances—perfect for entertaining! There are seven bedrooms in all, each delivering a heavenly oasis of relaxation and sleep. The each enjoy en-suite bathrooms, living areas, a private balcony and ocean vistas. This villa is also conveniently positioned within walking distance to Kamala Beach. There are also plenty of fantastic activities located nearby, for a memorable vacation experience.

What We Love: This luxurious oceanfront retreat offers guests a tranquil respite to enjoy relaxation and entertaining family and friends. The breathtaking views over the glittering ocean, you can’t help but feel at peace, all the while soaking in the tropical sun and fresh sea breezes. The entry courtyard with its beautiful water features adds to the tranquility of this vacation home, making it the perfect retreat for a special occasion… when can we come for a visit?

Readers, what do you think, would this be your idea of a dream vacation retreat? Let us know why or why not in the comments below!

Photos: Courtesy of Luxury Retreats

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