Spectacular Italian Home Submerged Into The Mountainside: Villa Alibia


Villa Alibia is a striking home excavated into the mountainside and submerged into the landscape, designed by Michel Boucquillon Architects located in Lucca, Tuscany, Italy. Spread out over three levels, this 4,305 square foot home was designed as a family home and work studio, offering five bedrooms and five bathrooms (three ensuite). The home-studio is totally self-sufficient from an energy point of view thanks to rainwater collection, solar panels and the use of a heat pump.

If you find this home intriguing, we have some great news for you! Villa Alibia is now offered as a vacation rental, sleeping up to ten guests. Prices range from: $1,179 – $2,787 / night, found on Luxury Retreats.

The rock crosses into the dining room, living and sleeping areas, eliminating the boundaries between internal and external. The forms, colors and materials (stone, wood and cement) of the architecture have been inspired by the ancient agricultural terraces, the green of the olive trees and the surrounding vegetation. The large windows frame the landscape like a painting, while the white marble facade blends into the terraced rock background.

Paying homage to Tuscany, the spiral staircase has been designed in a tone that characterizes the poppy fields in the flowering season. The most intriguing design element to this structure is the roof design over the sleeping areas. Like butterfly wings, the two ends of the roof rise at a 30° angle thanks to six pistons, offering the unique opportunity to relax and sleep under the stars. This draws in natural ventilation from cool mountain breezes and allows nature to refresh the warm summer nights.

Interesting Fact: This is the first house in the world with a hydraulic roof!

What We Love: Villa Alibia is constructed on white marble rocks, where every window showcases amazing views of the surrounding secluded countryside. With a main villa and a guest house on the property, there is plenty of space to enjoy this tranquil setting with friends and family. The hydraulic roof is a fantastic feature in this home, creating a magical experience to sleep under the stars. Another highlight we are loving is the central staircase, it is truly a work of art!

Readers, what design details of this home most appeals to you and why? Would you consider taking a vacation in this amazing vacation villa? Let us know in the Comments below!

Above: The pool is perfect for swimming, offering 16 meters in length, with another larger area for playing. There is also a hydro massage area, all for 26 meters of length.

Photos: Courtesy of Luxury Retreats

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