Stone Villa Boasts Unforgettable Views Of The Italian Countryside


Today we present to you the stunning Villa Spinaltermine, a luxurious haven with magnificent views over the private sanctuary of the Castello di Reschio estate in Umbria, Italy. The grounds and garden offer several places to sit or dine in the shade or out in the open, depending on the season. The stone clad main residence offers four bedrooms with three en-suite bathrooms (one of the bedrooms offers a bathroom downstairs). There is also a one bedroom guest house for a more intimate getaway.

The villa showcases mesmerizing views of the rolling countryside, where you can soak them in from a heated infinity swimming pool. There is also a pool house offering a changing room and kitchenette, along with covered sitting and dining areas, making a perfect place for a day at the pool.

Need to Know: This luxurious villa sleeps up to ten guests and can be all yours for USD $2,111 – $3,578 per night. Made available for rent from Luxury Retreats.

What We Love: This stunning countryside villa offers plenty of luxury with all the comforts of home. A warm color palette offers comfort and relaxation, with stylish yet inviting furnishings throughout the home. The outdoor living spaces are just as welcoming, with a sumptuous swimming pool and chaise lounges for sunbathing… and sleep. Loving this destination, when can we come for a visit?

Readers, what do you think, would this be your idea of a relaxing vacation getaway? Let us know why or why not in the comments below!

Above: On the interior of this villa, the stylish furnishings features a mix of antiques with more modern pieces, reflecting a neutral color palette. The bright and airy living room is flooded with natural light through an arched picture window. The cozy sitting area offers tufted sofas gathered around a wicker coffee table and a warm fireplace.

Above: French doors allows access into this cozy library, decorated with a statement-making black and white color palette.

Above: The dining room mixes a modern table and chairs with an antique urn and original stone walls with aplomb.

Above: The beautiful, fully-equipped kitchen showcases a wood beamed ceiling, industrial-style windows and an expansive breakfast bar.

Above: Many of the bedrooms feature wood beamed ceilings and chic, graphic black and white decor. All of the bathrooms offer heated towel racks for an added touch of luxury.

What To Do: This luxury retreat features a sprawling 2,700 acres of Umbrian countryside. There is much to discover here and to assist you with this, you can horseback ride or mountain bike the area. There is also a tennis court on the property. If you wish to sightsee, there are several towns nearby, including Florence and Rome (just a two hour drive).

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