Take A Dreamy Vacation In A Seashell House On Isla Mujeres, Mexico


The Seashell House, also known as ‘Casa Caracol’ is a vacation rental located on Isla Mujeres, a Mexican island in the Caribbean Sea, 13 kilometers off the coast from Cancún. The island is 7 km long and 650 meters wide, known for it’s beautiful sandy beaches and El Garrafon snorkel park. The home is situated in a gated property with a private pool, kitchenette and barbecue, ideal for those who would prefer to vacation away from the crowds! The residential area is on a cliffside of the tiny island to allow privacy.

Background: According to the AirBnB website, “In 1994 architect Eduardo Ocampo arrived in Isla Mujeres and built a house for himself (and later met his wife Maria Raquel) His brother Octavio Ocampo visited frequently, Eduardo had two pieces of land in a quaint residential area with caribbean sea views….and wished to build on his lot for his brother. Of course, this could not be any house. Octavio, a famous painter, needed something unique.

Eduardo at first wanted a palala…but this was not allowed…having been very influenced by the “mountains” of seashells all around, he was inspired to actually construct a seashell. This would be the vacation home of his brother (in Cuernavaca), it would be rounded on the inside, the spiral staircase… just inside the shell, a door where there was the mouth of the shell and windows with the form of shells.”

The smaller rounder shell has features a king-sized bed with a private bathroom and shower made of tile and shells. The taller shell has a sitting area downstairs along with a powder bathroom. There is also a kitchenette with a large fridge, microwave, gas stovetop and sink with all the tools you need to enjoy home cooked meals. Up a rounded staircase is the master bedroom with a king-sized bed and private bath with shower. There is a balcony overlooking the pool and across the street to the Caribbean Sea.

Pertinent Facts: With two bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms, this amazing vacation rental sleeps up to four guests. You can rent it for $308 per night, from AirBnB.

What We Love: The Seashell House is the most dreamy place to take a vacation, a private oasis you can share as a romantic holiday or as a family. This home has been gorgeously handcrafted, with imaginative details that were brought to life by true artistic talent. It is a one-of-a-kind house with a Capadoccia cave dwelling feel on the interior, while outside is reminiscent of the white houses of Santornini.

Readers, please let us know what you think of this vacation retreat… would you spend a week here?

Photos: Courtesy of AirBnB

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