House In A Warehouse Surrounded By A Garden Oasis


House in a Warehouse is a new dwelling in an old warehouse shell designed to be a garden oasis by Splinter Society Architecture in Hawthorn East, Victoria, Australia. The ‘interior’, a considered reassembly of parts from the site, extends beyond the new infill skin, to the periphery of the existing warehouse walls, inviting the outside in. From the architects, ” Both architect and client strongly believe in compact urbanism, combined with green spaces and a sustainable approach to living, as part of a happier way of life. The client brief asked for a highly sustainably house, executed in a clean and contemporary way and a ‘warehouse feel’, minus the cliches of industrial off-the-shelf purchases.

The strategy to meet the brief and concept involved creating a layered system of screens and frames that split the site and lift the living spaces of the house, creating views to green spaces and established gardens beyond. The site was a 200 square meters landlocked warehouse, built to all boundaries and entered via a new residential development. It’s a dense inner urban setting, where the design solution allows the notion of ‘interior’ to extend beyond the infill, to the periphery of the warehouse walls, inviting the outside in.”

Photos: Tom Ross of Brilliant Creek

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House-In-a-Warehouse-11-1-KindesignHouse In a Warehouse-11-1 Kindesign | House In a Warehouse-11-1 Kindesign.

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