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Color Combinations to Make Your Living Room Look Expensive and Elegant

Color Combinations - Every color can give a different impression in the living room. Color can convey an impression of luxury and wealth in the living room. To give the impression of being expensive and elegant in the living room, however, the color combination used must be right. 

Lucy Mather, an interior expert from Arighi Bianchi, says that there are several color combinations that can give a luxurious and expensive impression. In Ideal Home, Tuesday (2/7/2024), here are some color combinations for the living room to make it look more expensive and elegant. 

White and Black

Usually, people use white and black to create a classic, monochromatic impression. However, it appears that this color combination can also create an impression of luxury within the room. The combination of dark and light colors is suitable for modern living rooms. Anjelica Delfino, a paint and interior expert from Valspar Paint, suggests painting the walls white and adding black accents. 

White and Black  Living Room
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Carpets or artwork can also showcase a subtle touch of color, enhancing the room's elegance and comfort. White walls can sometimes make the room look empty, but with large furniture, it still looks full and lively.

Soft and Neutral Green

Soft and Neutral Green Living Room
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Next, the color combination for the living room, which gives off an expensive and elegant impression, is soft and neutral green. Soft sage green is the ideal green color to decorate the living room. Combining this green color with neutral hues is a suitable option. The combination of these two colors not only gives an expensive and elegant impression but also makes the room feel calmer. 

Navy Blue and Gold

Navy Blue and Gold Living Room Color
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Combining the dark navy blue color with the bright gold color turns out to be suitable. The navy blue color will give a graceful impression, while the gold color makes the room look expensive. You can use the blue color to decorate the living room's entire wall. The furniture and ornaments in the room can showcase the gold color.

Charcoal Gray and White

Chic charcoal gray living room
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Black and white don't always go together. You can also combine white with charcoal gray. The combination of these two colors can give a classic impression, but it still looks luxurious and elegant. Lucy even says that charcoal gray and white can give a modern and luxurious impression. 

Turquoise, Copper, and Orange

Turquoise, Copper, and Orange
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Finally, to make the living room look more expensive and luxurious, the color combination is turquoise blue and copper orange. Apart from giving a luxurious impression, the combination of these two colors also makes the living room look elegant and aesthetic. 

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